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Discord widget for Übersicht.


How it works

This widget connects to the Discord Gateway using your token, listens for MESSAGE_CREATE events, and displays them on the screen as a beautiful widget that resembles the Discord client as closely as possible.

Due to the way this widget works, it may be possible for your account to be flagged as suspicious and banned for automation. Discord's official stance regarding "selfbots" states:

Automating normal user accounts (generally called "self-bots") outside of the OAuth2/bot API is forbidden, and can result in an account termination if found.

Although this widget is not a typical "selfbot" and has harmless intentions, it is completely possible for Discord to ban you regardless. As always, proceed at your own risk!

Under the hood, this widget:

  • implements a basic gateway connection and resume protocol
  • handles MESSAGE_CREATE events and discards everything else
  • strictly does not make any network requests other than the gateway connection

This means it is not possible to do anything advanced such as sending messages or retrieving past messages from this widget. This is a widget, not a full-fledged client.


To install this widget, simply clone this repository into your widget folder.

% cd "~/Library/Application Support/Übersicht/widgets"
% git clone https://github.com/chiyadev/uebercord

At this point, Übersicht will complain for a module tree error because config.json is missing.


Clone the sample configuration file config.sample.json to config.json. The resulting file is gitignored by default.

% cd uebercord
% cp config.sample.json config.json
% vim config.json

Replace the placeholders with appropriate values. Refer to this guide to retrieve your token.

Save the file, then click Refresh All Widgets or restart Übersicht to take effect.

Initially, you will not see anything on the screen. If everything is configured correctly, the widget will appear when it receives the first message it was configured to listen for.


All Discord-related events are logged to the console by default. To view the logs, click Show Debug Console in the Übersicht menu. This should help you to diagnose errors and maybe send bug reports!


  • Handle other types of tags (only emote tag is implemented right now)
  • Show which server/channel messages were sent in
  • Add animation when message changes